The Original Irish Supplier Of Face Masks





We try our best to get all items out as quick as possible. All masks will ship within 48 hours once ordered before 1pm.  Delivery in Ireland is €4.50, we can ship internationally but please email us before ordering.


If in the unlikely event that your not happy with the production of the masks we will happily refund you your money once the masks are returned.  We do not take responsibility on the quality of image supplied, it’s up to you to supply a good high resolution image.  We have some great guidelines for you read!

Are the masks ready to wear?

Unlike a lot of other suppliers who don’t tell you their masks are actually a ‘kit’ to be assembled, all our masks are all ready assembled and ready to wear out of the box!  Just put them on and have the craic!

Can I collect the masks?

Can I collect the masks?:  Masks are normally shipped to you but in the event that you need them urgently we can arrange a collection point in Dublin 12, Ireland.

How does PayPal help protect me when I shop online?

When you pay with PayPal, your financial information isn’t shared with retailers. It is securely protected to minimize fraud and help safeguard your identity. We also protect you if there’s a problem with your purchase. Coverage includes:

• €0 Liability for Unauthorized Purchases: for example, if someone uses your PayPal account without your permission.
• Refunds for incorrect orders or items that never arrive; you ordered a blue shirt and they send it in pink.
• A convenient process for resolving problems.